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E. "I3 2. This is followed, around 50 to around 65, by the Pauline cult of Jesus the risen Christ and savior of all humanity; this represented a "spiritualization" of the Hebrew messianic hope of salvation in this world into the hope of eternal bliss in a heavenly afterlife. St. "14 3. The next stage is that of the compilation of the gospels, about 70 to 120 or later, and was marked by the Roman destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 and later Jewish revolts and their suppression, and also by the increasing gentilization of the nascent church that followed the refusal of the Jews to accept Jesus.

Thus a cardinal principle of modern New Testament exegesis has become part of Catholic teaching and self-understanding. 34 THE TRIAL AND CRUCIFIXION Let us turn the historian's searchlight on that most famous trial and execution in all history. Everything points to the conclusion that the trial and crucifixion were a strictly Roman affair, that Jesus was executed on a political charge as the would-be king of the Jews. To proclaim that the kingdom of God was at hand meant that God, not Rome, will rule.

First, a Sadducean court would have followed the written law, that is to say, scripture, and at least three of the cited requirements stem directly from the Hebrew Bible: number 5 regarding blasphemy, from Leviticus 24:10-16; number 6 regarding guilt on one's confession, from Deuteronomy 17:6 and THE TRIAL AND DEATH OF JESUS 31 19: 15; and number 7 regarding the mode of execution, from Deuteronomy 17:2-5. Second, many of the Mishnah's stipulations were already in effect in Jesus' lifetime, dating from the period of the great sage Hillel (fl.

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