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By Michael McCollum

After a century of struggle, humanity ultimately stumbled on the Achilles heel of the Ryall, their xenophobic reptilian foe. Spica – Alpha Virginis – is the foremost famous person method in enemy house. it's the hub during which all Ryall starships needs to cross, and if humanity can basically catch and carry it, they're going to strangle the Ryall conflict computer and finish their chance to humankind forever.
It all appeared so basic within the computing device simulations: develop by means of stealth, assault all at once, strike rapidly with overwhelming strength. regrettably, conquering the Ryall proves the simple half. With the major to victory in hand, Richard and Bethany Drake observe that they need to additionally triumph over human nature in the event that they are to convey down the alien foe …

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The good news was that they were slower at it thanDiablo . The bad news was that they had more lasers with which to work. Suddenly, a million suns burst forth in the space between the two ships, effectively blinding them. “Premature burst, probably intentional,” Lubo Casimir reported. ” “They’re doing a damn good job,” Elizabeth responded. ” “Ten seconds to regain sensors. All right, I can see through the fireball again. Enemy ship is destroyed. ” “Apparently, one of our missiles got through. ” “Then let’s get out of here!

Recognizing that sleep would not soon come to her, and that the baby would need feeding within the hour, she slid from bed and pulled a nightgown around herself before stepping through the door onto the raised patio that adjoined her bedroom. The house she and Richard had built was perched on one of the hills above Homeport. From it, they could see the lights of the city bisected by the broad band of the Tigris River. Antares was in the sky, and while not the electric-blue spark that it had been in the early days following the coming of the nova, it was bright enough to give competition to the larger of Alta’s moons.

Nothing calmed an enlisted man or woman’s fears faster than listening to someone recount a list of the enemy’s problems. “Frankly, I hope they take all of the time they need. I won’t mind if they wait until the orbital fortresses come up to join us. ” There was a general nodding of heads. The invasion fleet of which they were part was one of the most powerful humanity had ever assembled, but the full six hundred ships on station and the equal number making their way in this directionwould have trouble forcing a foldpoint guarded by orbital fortresses.

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