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By George M. Gould, Walter L. Pyle

Freaks and scientific curiosities from 1896. a set of awesome circumstances derived from an exhaustive study of scientific literature. Abstracted, annotated, and listed. Authors: George M. Gould, MD, Walter L. Pyle, MD writer: Bell Publishing corporation Date: 1956 facsimile variation of 1896 printing structure: Hardcover info: 296 b&w illustrations, 968 pages

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The child was well developed, the mons was covered with hair, and all the associate symptoms tended to increase the deception. −−Associated with pregnancy there are often present morning−nausea and vomiting as prominent and reliable symptoms. Vomiting is often so excessive as to be provocative of most serious issue and even warranting the induction of abortion. This fact is well known and has been thoroughly discussed, but with it is associated an interesting point, the occasional association of the same symptoms sympathetically in the husband.

On July 28th she was threatened with miscarriage, and by his advice the woman weaned the child at the breast. She expected to be confined the middle of November, 1876, but the expected event did not occur until April 26, 1877, nine months after the quickening and four hundred and forty days from the time of conception. The boy was active and weighed nine pounds. The author cites Meigs' case, and also one of Atlee's, at three hundred and fifty−six days. Talcott, Superintendent of the State Homeopathic Asylum for the Insane, explained the pregnancy of an inmate who had been confined for four years in this institution as one of protracted labor.

One month after birth, through the good offices of the wet−nurse and M. Villemin, who attended the child and who invented a "couveuse" for the occasion, it measured 38 cm. long. Moore is accredited with the trustworthy report of the case of a woman who bore a child at the end of the fifth month weighing 1 1/2 pounds and measuring 9 inches. It was first nourished by dropping liquid food into its mouth; and at the age of fifteen months it was healthy and weighed 18 pounds. Eikam saw a case of abortion at the fifth month in which the fetus was 6 inches in length and weighed about 8 ounces.

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