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These comments leave the story and its interpretation in a permanent state of flux. The fact that Anu’s remembering is only half-finished partly accounts for the observed ‘thinness’ of the interview. Anu remembers that she has not discussed the whole theme for years. The ‘thinness’ of the story is part of the situation to be interpreted, not a sign of flatness in the material. If the ‘thickness’ of the descriptions is regarded as the central indicator of the credibility of the material, there will then be serious problems when confronted with an equally ‘thick’ charged silence.

It is not hard to see that the student activists may have experienced political conversions of some sort before and after their periods of activism. ANU RANTANEN—NO CONVERSION AT ALL? Why do I take up the story of Anu Rantanen? Not because her story was typical or even representative among my materials, nor even because of some great similarity between her interpretations and mine. My reasons are different. The interview situation itself turned out to be somewhat problematic. During the interview Anu fell repeatedly silent.

The Communist Party itself split into two antagonistic currents so that a bare majority opted for the less Stalinist wing. Under the tight guidance of Soviet comrades, and regulated by their money, the party was formally held together until the mid-1980s, even though the actual state of affairs—since 26 Matti Hyvärinen the late 1960s—was in fact a devastating struggle between the two factions. The more Stalinist minority faction began first to criticise and then to oppose the politics of the ‘popular front’ governments, in particular the incomes policy.

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