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By Pearl Abraham

Strengthen Uncorrected evidence, American Taliban, a singular, Pearl Abraham, Random condominium, writer, 254 pgs., "an intimate portrait of ways a kind of traditional American boy may be seduced through the belief of filing to Islam". . .

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G had said. A lot of readers and critics found the story difficult and wrote about it, including the Danish philosopher Kierkegaard. So if you’re still in the market for your senior topic, I recommend his famous problemata, published in Fear and Trembling. Before settling on his own topic, John had considered Kierkegaard. Naim went on to criticize Sarah’s infamous treatment of Hagar and, in response, Ahmed cited the orthodox explanation that God made Sarah do it because he wanted to test Abraham’s faith.

Philosophers didn’t think so. Nor did Barbara and Bill, though that didn’t prevent them from having him baptized. We did it for you, Barbara said when he asked, so that you wouldn’t grow up feeling unprotected in some way. They’d also taken him to church when he was little. On Christmas Eve and Easter. And once to the blessing of the animals. His own opinion: he was still undecided. It depended on how you thought of God. If God is nature, then God doesn’t care, since nature doesn’t. But if, as the mystics understood, God is the best of man and within man, then God cares, since man does.

On the radio, Dylan asked whether Judas Iscariot had God on his side. Did he? John asked the girls. Was he the one who betrayed Jesus? Sylvie asked. Yeah, Katie said. With a killer kiss. They laughed. Well, Jilly drawled. Seeing as the kiss helped him become God, he might feel some gratitude. Wouldn’t you agree to die if it meant you could live forever? No, Katie said. Why should I care what I am after I’m dead, since I’m dead? They continued toward Hatteras Point, a skinny bar of silence where sky and water meet, blue and blue with only a crayon line of sand between.

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