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By Schlager N., Weisblatt J.

This three-volume set introduces researchers to concerns surrounding either present power assets and substitute power techniques. whereas there's major dialogue of the non-renewable assets now used to fulfill the vast majority of the world's power wishes (oil, coal and normal gas), the first concentration of the set is on more moderen suggestions to satisfy the ever-growing call for. those ideas comprise wind and solar power, gas cells, hydropower, geothermal energy and biomass power. moreover, extra theoretical assets also are explored, together with chilly fusion, 0 element strength and common forces. Entries speak about the technological know-how in the back of the strength resource, extraordinary scientists and clinical discoveries, present examples of use, and the problems, demanding situations and hindrances to large-scale use. prepared alphabetically via access identify.

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Although ‘‘fish ladders’’ are installed to lessen this impact, they are by no means 100 percent effective. 286 Alternative Energy WATER ENERGY Another drawback is that hydroelectric energy may not be as clean as once thought. Decaying vegetation in reservoirs may give off quantities of greenhouse gases equal to those emitted by burning fossil fuels. This can be an ongoing problem because when the water level in a reservoir falls during an extended dry period, vegetation grows on the banks. This vegetation, then, is covered by water when the reservoir refills during wet periods, causing the vegetation to rot again and emit gases such as methane and carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming.

Dams and reservoirs affect such factors as water quality, the amount and kinds of bacteria in the water, bank erosion, nutrient transport, the salt content of soil, and water temperature. Some dams have been implicated in the spread of waterborne diseases such as malaria. When a large dam fails, the results can be catastrophic, wiping out wildlife, vegetation, houses, roads, even whole towns downstream. Dams also affect the amount of water in rivers downstream, with effects on wildlife that are only beginning to be understood.

The joule is part of the metric system units, and it is used to measure heat, electric energy, and the energy of motion. To produce energy, though, it is not always necessary to burn something. When cleaning up after dinner, a family’s first task is to rinse off the dishes, pots, and pans, using water from the kitchen faucet. What rinses the dishes, though, is not the water from the faucet by itself so much as it is the energy contained in the running water. This type of energy is called kinetic energy.

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