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By Alexander Dolgun

This ebook is ready survival in any respect charges. it truly is appealing in it is haunting methods and unhappy past trust. yet there's a thread of spirit that is going via it that makes you recognize Mr.Dolgun very a great deal. i used to be sorry to listen to he died so younger.

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You've got guts. You're young and you're strong. These Russian bastards are trying to break you but you're on to them, aren't you. So as long as you're on to them they can't get you. And this is the way I kept myself going. I would think, Look. You just have to get through this day. Tomorrow there will be more interrogation. Sidorov is getting madder every day. He may get really tough. Maybe the guards will catch you doing something and throw you into the hard punishment cells. Maybe they'll even take you out and shoot you.

It was Christmas Day. In my confusion and exhaustion I had missed Christmas Eve. It had gone right by me. And in my anger and my urgent work of keeping sane and surviving, I had scarcely given a thought to my mother, whose worried face now swam into my vision and engulfed me in sadness. She would have been expecting me for dinner. She would be pacing up and down wringing her hands, worried sick. My father would be saying, "It's all right, dear. It's all right. He probably had to go on a trip somewhere.

I had to fight off an impulse to say to Sidorov, "Please let me go to sleep! " But there was no point in even trying that because he wanted details of my spying activities and there simply were no spying activities to give him details on. I couldn't win and yet I felt I couldn't lose either, as long as I refused to give in and show any weakness. All day I sat in the chair, shifting my shrinking buttocks from side to side, trying to blink away the burning in my eyes. Sidorov scarcely spoke. Once or twice he picked up the phone and called his wife.

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