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You might bring home a pup that doesn’t like to be touched. Don’t stop touching him but do this in a gentle 43 manner until he grows used to your handling. Now, give him an occasional treat and lots of praise. Almost any dog can become aggressive when defending its food. To reduce his aggressive tendencies, teach your dog to sit and wait for the bowl to be placed on the floor in front of him. Once it is set down before him, he should be allowed to eat. Get your dog used to being interrupted while eating.

And so on. Reward him: Reward him for his good behavior because the more you reward him, the quicker he will learn. Give him good practice sessions that end in rewards and praise. Scold him: Dogs are being scolded constantly, so after a time, they get blunted to these reprimands and ignore them. But if we praise them adequately, any reprimands will make a difference to their behavior. If you want to scold him next, just show him what you want him to do and then reward him for doing it right. If you do this right with a stern voice, this is quite enough for him to learn.

Give him small pieces as treats—about a quarter inch square piece or smaller of chicken, cheese or liver. The tastier the reward, the more inclined he will be to learn and the better he will retain all that he learns. Back and forth recall: This is a simple but enjoyable training exercise in which two or more people stand at a distance of 10 yards or more. One person calls the dog over to him and instructs him to sit-stay while the other person also calls him over. Dogs love this exercise because in rushing between the two participants, they feel their big prize of good kibble is that much closer to them.

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