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3) Sling with inner-tube socket, fishing line cords, and metal retention right. (4) Standard sling with sewn-in cords. 48 greater weight, though it doesn’t have the range or accuracy of the regular sling. The length of the pole can vary from one foot to four feet or even more. The shorter staffs are swung sidearm, and make for a fairly powerful throw. The longer staffs are lowered behind the head, then swung over the head with the full force of the body. The longer staffs were used with the heaviest of stones.

The most popular design for sling missiles came to be the ovoid (like a hen’s egg—pointed at one end and rounded at the other). (Korfmann) The first manufactured missiles (about 7000 years old) were made out of clay. The pure clay missiles were sun dried so they wouldn’t crack. By classical Greek times, missiles were made from lead. Archaeologists have found not only missiles from this period, but also the molds used to make dozens of pellets at a time. Unlike a slingshot, which is limited in size and the shape of ammunition, the sling can hurl anything from pennies to bricks.

The only tricky part is finding a piece of leather that long. It may be worth the expense. You can also use a piece of an old automobile tire for the socket, since it comes ready-made with the right curvature, or an old inner tube. Surgical tubing can be used for the cords to increase range. The increase in range, however, comes at the expense of controllability and accuracy. Also, the tubing will wear out faster than leather. Occasionally, you will find natural slings. A surgeon’s mask is one good example.

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