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He looked startled in his own turn, and then flushed a deeper brown in obvious chagrin. “I'm sorry, really. I was trying to be too cute. ” He sighed. “I'm sorry. ” “It's just that —” She stopped, unable to continue. Should she explain how a Jaguar Sun danced with her in an imaginary glade? Show how alien she really was? She was suddenly aware of her different hands, her pale hair, her difference in nearly everything from him. She tried to smile, guessing it looked more pained than reassuring.

With a flutter of her hands, she included them within the scope of her threat to Sieyes, if he felt tempted to retaliate in another direction. She danced across the room, her feet beating a gentle rhythm on the carpet. Perhaps she would tell Samta about the Jaguar Sun; perhaps he would understand even that. The hope swept her clean and she spun in place, dancing gracefully in the imagined shimmer of Lady Rainbow's robes. We rise, she thought; yes, it is much like that. Chapter Five The next morning, Medoret left her room and looked for Ian in his cabin, but he had already left.

Then go home,” Hillary said impatiently. ” Bjorn scowled ferociously, drawing his narrow face even narrower, his mouth pursed angrily. ” Bjorn said, his face sour. Hillary shrugged disdainfully and tugged again at Medoret's sleeve. “Want to see a real Targethi city, Medoret? I thought so. ” Medoret hesitated. She hadn't actually promised Ian to stay put. ” Hillary looked deflated, her voice rising in disappointment. Medoret shook her head. ” she said. ” “The going will be a little delicate,” Samta warned.

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