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This primer bargains with the significant components of task in radiation physics. even supposing the elemental descriptions of thought and perform are offered in a layout that's compatible mostly as a revision textual content for undergraduate and postgraduate scholars, the e-book additionally serves as an advent to the sphere which can be of curiosity to different trained staff. specific therapy is foregone within the pursuits of a finished survey. The booklet has developed from lectures given within the college of London MSc path on radiation physics, and from undergraduate lectures given at Queen Mary and Westfield university. commercial in addition to scientific features of the sector are thought of.

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3. 5 fm ? 2 fm (1 fm = 10_15 m). 5 fm. 08)3 = 9. 4. 2 A1/3 fm. 66 × 10_27 kg. 66 × 10_27 kg. 23 × 10_45 A meter3. 3 × l017 kg/m3. 5. Calculate the binding energy per nucleon in 6C12. 00055 amu respectively. 00000 amu. Solution: The nucleus of 6C12 atom contains 6 protons and 6 neutrons. 09570 amu. The Nucleus This is the mass of the constituent particles of the carbon nucleus. The carbon atom has 6 electrons. 99670 amu. This is the mass of the 6C12. nucleus. 5 MeV of energy. 2 MeV. This is the binding energy of carbon nucleus which has 12 nucleons.

8. 55 MeV. 00752 amu and 1 amu = 931 MeV. 55 MeV. We know that Q = [m(7N14) + m(0n1) _ m(6C14) _ m(1H1)] c2. Let the mass of 6C14 be mc amu. 55 MeV. Now 1 amu × c2 = 931 MeV. 00833 amu. 9. Calculate the minimum energy of a photon that will break the nuclide 3Li7 into an a-particle and a tritron. 5 MeV. Solution: The equation for the given photo-disintegration process is Nuclear Physics 7 4 3 3Li + g = 2He + 1H (photon) (a-particle) (tritron) The minimum energy of the photon must be equal to the rest energy of the product particles minus the (rest) energy of 8Li7.

The rest energy surplus of X and a is converted into the kinetic energy of the product particles which exceeds the kinetic energy of the initial particles. Such reactions are called `exothermic' or `exoergic'. If Q is negative, that is, the rest energy of the product particles exceeds that of the initial particles, the reaction is Nucleus Hypothesis `endothermic' or `endoergic'. In this case the surplus rest energy of the product particles results in a loss of kinetic energy. Atomic Mass Unit (amu) Atomic mass unit (abbreviated `u') is the unit in which atomic masses are expressed.

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