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The CT epithelium changes from cuboidal in the cortical collecting ducts to columnar in the papillary collecting ducts. CTs are made up of two cell types: clear and dark (reflecting their appearance under light microscopy). Dark cells are organelle rich and have microvilli, whilst clear cells are cuboidal and organelle poor. Clear cells reabsorb Na+ and H2O, whilst dark cells secrete H+ or HCO3−. In essence, the CTs permit passage of the ultrafiltrate from the distal tubules to the minor calyces but they also have a role in regulating acid–base balance and altering the final urine concentration.

The former is used in common clinical practice, and the latter in special circumstances (it is not endogenous and must be given intravenously). Creatinine is a product of skeletal muscle metabolism. It is produced at a fairly constant rate, and is proportional to body muscle mass. It is not perfect in its estimation of GFR because it is excreted to a small extent in the proximal tubule, but laboratory measurements of plasma creatinine overestimate its concentration by a similar amount. Answers 39.

Lies adjacent to the glomerulus Contains granular cells which synthesize renin Regulates the GFR Is involved with the renin–angiotensin–aldosterone system Is made up of two cell types 34. Concerning the JGA a. b. c. d. e. Extraglomerular mesangial cells are an extension of the mesangium Extraglomerular mesangial cells are closely packed columnar epithelial cells Granular cells lie by the afferent arteriole only The macula densa produces and releases rennin The macula densa is a specialized zone associated with the thick ascending loop of Henle 35.

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