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From the authors of The Cage. within the 5th Millennium, there has been no urban better or extra corrupt than Illizbuah. The intrigues of its monks and lords, wizards, retailers and thieves have been historical and inbred and as formal as a dance. right here homeless wanderers could set all their plans at naught and the city--and the world--would by no means back be a similar.

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They shared a deep affection. One might have called it love, if the word hadn’t so many resonances that had nothing to do with them. Maksim found his loves in Kukurul, young men who stayed a night or two, then left, others who loved him a longer time but also left. Brann went through a short but difficult period during the first days they spent on Jal Virri; she wanted him, but had to recognize the futility of that particular passion. It was a brief agony, but an agony nonetheless, a scouring of her soul.

In the course of Slya’s plot, she rescued her people from slavery, opened a Gate for Slya who came stomping in and destroyed her enemies. Then she was turned loose to live how she could, an elevenyear-old girl in the body of a woman in her twenties. She wandered about the world for a hundred years, settled for another hundred years as the Potter at Shaynamoshu. At the end of that time another God-the Chained God-meddled in her life and drew her into his scheme to acquire the Great Talisman BinYAHtii, using as instruments KORI PIYOLSS and the sorceror/king SETTSIMAKSIMIN along with the sorceror Ahzurdan and the out-reality starman Daniel Akamarino.

Even the damn gods don’t need me anymore. Maybe I should go to Silili with you and give Old Tungjii a boot in the behind. ” “It probably would. ” “Pleased? That doesn’t matter. It’d be something to do. Some reason to get out of bed in the morning. To keep on living. ” “Brann, I…” “No. You don’t need to say it. I know what’s going to happen. You’ll go to Silili to see your protege through her Passage Rite and you won’t come back. ” He lay back in his chair and laughed at her and let his voice boom out, dark velvet rubbing her bones.

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