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By Craig Shaw Gardner

Wuntvor has stuck the chilly eye of dying himself, who seeks so as to add the hapless apprentice to his morbid minions...

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I nodded again. I marveled at my beloved. How could she be so clearheaded after such a kiss? ” I sighed. “I’m afraid so. That is, if we can trust Death. The specter is too fond of its games and tricks. ” an excruciatingly annoying voice exclaimed behind us. ” I whirled to see the truth-telling demon Snarks, attired as usual in his monkish robes of somber gray; robes that, despite their neutral hue, still seemed to clash with the demon’s bright green complexion. I glared at the smirking Snarks.

Death stared at me even more intently. “A bargain! ” Snarks interjected. ” Death hesitated before it replied. “Tempting,” it said at last. ” a magnificently modulated voice spoke close by my ear. I did not even have to turn my head to know that the unicorn had arrived. ” The unicorn sighed. “Yes, I know; you will talk to creatures like this. But will you spare a few moments for me? It is enough to try even my perfect patience. ” “It is time we got serious,” Death interrupted hastily, as if afraid of being drowned out by the ever-increasing group of companions.

And then the wind was gone. TWO “Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast,” or so the sages say. And I agree that, if you can hum a little ditty or two, you will have nothing to fear from the savage breast whatsoever. Unfortunately, ‘tis another matter entirely with savage fingers, savage claws, savage teeth and savage fangs, all of which will gladly shred and bite to their heart’s content as you provide the musical accompaniment. from Wizardry in the Wild: A Sorcerer’s Guide to Outdoor Survival, fourth edition, by Ebenezum, greatest wizard in the Western Kingdoms Death had disappeared.

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