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By Francis Leroy

Celebrating a century of progressive contributions to our figuring out of existence, the area, and the universe, this encyclopedic table reference strains the discoveries that earned approximately 500 individual scientists Nobel honors within the parts of chemistry, physics, and medication. the varsity of Library magazine referred to as it "...eye-catching... unique paintings, colourful captioned drawings of versions and constructions, and diagrams illustrate advanced clinical ideas and should invite looking. ...great photographs and beautiful format..." This ebook comprises over 550 complete colour illustrations and pictures, and is a needs to for the library of any public, college, enterprise, or own library.

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It is the precursor of flavine adenine mononucleotide and flavine adenine dinucleotide, two important coenzymes that serve as electron carriers. ture of vitamine A. Continued research on vitamin A over the following decade led to its synthesis. He then proceeded to study and synthesise riboflavin (another B vitamin), followed by vitamins E and K. Another success was the elucidation of the structure and the function of the coenzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD, involved in electron transfer in cells.

The androgens and oestrogens are responsible for the characteristic changes of male and female adolescence. the famous Max Planck Biochemistry Institute in Tübingen, transferred later to Munich, a nd in Leopold Ruzicka Musk production. This name regroups a variety of substances secreted by a specialized organ of some members of the deer family (Cervidae). With its pleasant and penetrating odour,it is used in perfumery. Plant musk also exists, extracted from the mauve mallow. - 44 - 6C 6C 6 6 CO 6C 6 12 3C 5C 6 6 12 CALVIN 6C 2 6C 10 12 3C 5C 6C 6 6 2 3C 12 3C 5C 6 5C 12 1 10 6C 3C 12 6 12 3C 3C 2 3C Georg de Hevesy CALVIN CALVIN 3C 3C 6C 6 CO CALVIN 10 1 3C 2 6 CO 6 12 3C 3C 6C 1 3C 6 6 CO 12 3C 3C 6C 1 3C 2 10 12 3C 5C 6 CALVIN 3C 10 12 3C 5C CALVIN 3C 6 6 CO 6 CO 1 10 6C 12 3C 3C 2 3C 1 6C Radioactive labeling.

G. Farbenindustrie, re-sulting from the merger of BASF with six German companies that specialised in dye production. Close collaboration with Fritz Haber was to lead to the development of a process for synthesising ammonia directly from nitrogen and hydrogen. Haber had sold his patent to BASF in 1909 and Bosch made it his task to scale up the process for industrial use. He had to solve several problems to achieve this: separating the hydrogen from the carbon monoxide present in the "water gas" resulting from the action of water on coal at high temperature, isolating nitrogen from air by distillation, develoKarl Bosch ping a cheaper catalyser than the osmium used by Haber, and finally building a reactor capable of withstanding the particularly harsh process conditions of high temperature:500°C; high pressure:200 atmospheres.

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