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From the authors of The Cage. within the 5th Millennium, there has been no urban greater or extra corrupt than Illizbuah. The intrigues of its monks and lords, wizards, retailers and thieves have been old and inbred and as formal as a dance. the following homeless wanderers could set all their plans at naught and the city--and the world--would by no means back be an identical.

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Now I wondered if there was something bothering him. As quickly as the thought came, it flitted away. Nah…it had to be me—and everything I’d planned for this night. “Kyle? ” I asked again. He shook his head. “I wasn’t thinking, Chloe. ” “Good. ” He wrapped his arm around my waist and dragged me to him. “You’re sweet for making dinner tonight. ” I smoothed his hair back with one hand and leaned forward, giving him a soft kiss on his lips. His arm tightened around me as he deepened the kiss. I waited for a spark, still hoping it would reappear, that it would be as strong and hot as when we first met.

Barely midmorning, and my to-do list for the day was nearly completed. Another reason I enjoyed Mondays. My fingers hovered over the keyboard. ” I got to the first s before common sense took over. What was I doing? Something stupid, that’s what. ” The other part, the engaged part, freaked out. Pushing away from my desk, I went to see if Paige needed any help. The store was empty, which didn’t surprise me. Paige had set up in one of the back corners, resituating shelves to better showcase the spiritual artwork we’d just been shipped.

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