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At TCM schools in China, undergraduates examine a easy repertoire of among 50 and a hundred natural formulation. This contains one or formulation from every one of 21 significant different types. through studying to switch this middle crew of formulation with additions and subtractions, one will have a simple repertoire of formulation for many medical events. This publication isn't really intended to switch or compete with Bensky & Barolet's chinese language natural medication: formulation & suggestions. it's intended as an define for prioritized learn and use via under-graduates and new practitioners

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If there is severe pain and constipation, to Da Chai Hu Tang add Radix Angelicae Sinensis (Dang Gui) and Rhizoma Corydalis Yanhusuo (Yan Hu) or Radix Rubrus Paeoniae Lactiflorae (Chi Shao) and Semen Pruni Persicae (Tao Ren). For evil heat entering the blood chamber, add Folium Perillae Frutescentis (Zi Su Ye). For menstrual irregularity and premenstrual tension, add Rhizoma Cyperi Rotundi (Xiang Fu) and Radix Albus Paeoniae Lactiflorae (Bai Shao). For premenstrual breast distention, add Fructus Meliae Toosendan (Chuan Lian Zi) and Spica Prunellae Vulgaris (Xia Gu Cao).

In case of severe diarrhea with tenesmus, add Bulbus Allii (Xie Bai). < previous page page_37 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_38 next page > Page 38 For diarrhea with discharge of porridge-like stools, add Radix Saussureae Seu Vladimiriae (Mu Xiang) and Semen Arecae Catechu (Bing Lang). For pediatric hernia, add Semen Litchi Sinensis (Li Zhi He). For esophageal spasm, add Semen Oroxyli Indici (Mu Hu Die) and Fructus Germinatus Hordei Vulgaris (Mai Ya). In severe cases, add Radix Et Rhizoma Rhei (Da Huang).

Do not use to treat vacuity cold of central warmer (without modification). 4. Reduce the dosage of Licorice in the presence of marked abdominal distention. Formula explanation: Within this formula, mix-fried Licorice, sweet and warm, boosts the qi so as to fortify the spleen. It also harmonizes the other medicinals in this formula. Bupleurum penetrates the exterior and upbears yang so as to soothe depression. At the same time, because it is acrid and cool, it clears internal heat by out-thrusting it.

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