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By Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beriya and Rodion Yacovlevich Malinovskiy

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1 In making such comparisons, we do not imply that the experiences of one jurisdiction can be transposed mechanistically onto another. Rather, to paraphrase Nelken (1994), we would argue that certain key themes are universalisable from such a comparative gaze, which may in turn act as an incentive to ‘sharpen the awkward questions’ about our own context. DEFINITIONS OF POLITICAL IMPRISONMENT Definitional questions concerning prisoners and former prisoners incarcerated as a result of the Northern Ireland conflict have long been highly contested.

In light of that controversy, we have chosen in this chapter in particular to illustrate the themes from the Northern Ireland experience of prisoner release and reintegration with relevant international experiences and analogies. However, before exploring these most recent releases in more detail, it is important to acknowledge that politically motivated prisoners were of course released from gaol throughout the Northern Ireland conflict. For example, internees were released in large numbers both before and after internment was phased out in early 1975 (Gardiner, 1975).

The most pertinent of these definitional categories for current purposes is that of politically motivated prisoners. POLITICALLY MOTIVATED PRISONERS The term ‘politically motivated prisoners’ appears to have evolved most explicitly within the Northern Ireland context. It can be utilised to describe prisoners who are otherwise referred to as ‘terrorists’ by either the state which incarcerates them or by other actors who oppose their methods or political ideology. , 2007). The utilisation of the term in Northern Ireland occurred in a context where the acknowledgement of political motivation as an element in terrorist violence has been enshrined in legislation almost since the outbreak of the conflict.

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