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By Ionin Y. J., Shrikhande M. S.

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Further, he could integrate and differentiate such functions by operating on the series term by term. 83 In those letters he was explicit about his debt to Wallis ,84 and Wallis was not slow to respond. By 1676 Wallis had completed a large part, possibly the first seventy-two chapters, of A treatise 01 algebra. It was probably Newton's Epistola posterior that prompted hirn to add a furt her twenty-five chapters in 80 81 82 83 84 Newton 1665; see also Whiteside 1961, Dennis and Confrey 1996, Steda1l2002, 175-180.

An d t herefore a lso t he lines M T , M T, are prop ort ion al to t he ares A 0 , A 0, as is dear. Then , having eonstrueted any number of straight lines MT, MT, ete. making a eo nt inuo us sequenee of ang les AMT, TM T, ete. equal to eac h other (a nd t herefore [the lines M T a re] in arit hmetic pr opor tion ), we may suppose (su perimposed on these a ngles) t he same number of sim ilar sectors (or rather , one fewer beeause a sector may not be inseribed in t he first spaee) inseribing t he figure'" M TM (bo unded by t he t rue spiral line M T a nd t he straight line TM ).

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