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S-TREE: self-organizing trees for data clustering and online

This paper introduces S-TREE (Self-Organizing Tree), a family members of versions that use unsupervised studying to build hierarchical representations of knowledge and on-line tree-structured vector quantizers. The S-TREE1 version, which encompasses a new tree-building set of rules. could be carried out with numerous rate services.

Error Correcting Coding and Security for Data Networks: Analysis of the Superchannel Concept

The textual content presents a scientific method of the issues fascinated about the applying of error-correcting codes in info networks. It contains theoretical fabric in addition to concrete innovations for using code in information networks in addition to calculations of the advantages that error-correcting coding will help lead to.

Knowledge-Based Neurocomputing: A Fuzzy Logic Approach

During this monograph, the authors introduce a unique fuzzy rule-base, known as the bushy All-permutations Rule-Base (FARB). They exhibit that inferring the FARB, utilizing ordinary instruments from fuzzy good judgment concept, yields an input-output map that's mathematically reminiscent of that of a man-made neural community.

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If data just needs to be provided quickly, one time, and in a read-only and forward-only fashion, then a DataReader can be very efficient. 4. Like the DataReader, the XmlReader provides a read-only, forward-only view of the data. But in the case of the XmlReader, the data is in an XML format. NET Framework. The new applications will access a SQL Server that was recently upgraded from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005. This is the only data source that the application needs to access. 0. The development manager has asked you to review the first application to be upgraded and make recommendations for what technologies the new application will utilize.

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