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By Francis Grose

A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, collage Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence. Unabridged.

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A chip of the old block; a child who either in person or sentiments resembles its father or mother. CHIP. A brother chip; a person of the same trade or calling. CHIPS, A nick name for a carpenter. CHIMPING MERRY. Exhilarated with liquor. Chirping glass, a cheerful glass, that makes the company chirp like birds in spring. CHIT. An infant or baby. CHITTERLINS. The bowels. e. I have the colic. The frill of a shirt. CHITTY−FACED. Baby−faced; said of one who has a childish look. CHIVE, or CHIFF. A knife, file: or saw.

A silver tankard stealer. See RUM BUBBER. CLANKER. A great lie. CLAP. A venereal taint. e. he went out a wenching, and got a clap. CLAP ON THE SHOULDER. An arrest for debt; whence a bum bailiff is called a shoulder−clapper. CLAPPER. The tongue of a bell, and figuratively of a man or woman. CLAPPER CLAW. To scold, to abuse, or claw off with the tongue. CLAPPERDOGEON. A beggar born. CANT. CLARET. French red wine; figuratively, blood. I tapped his claret; I broke his head, and made the blood run. Claret−faced; red−faced.

He took his broth till he capsized; he drank till he fell out of his chair. SEA TERM. CAPTAIN. Led captain; an humble dependant in a great family, who for a precarious subsistence, and distant hopes of preferment, suffers every kind of indignity, and is the butt of every species of joke or ill−humour. The small provision made for officers of the army and navy in time of peace, obliges many in both services to occupy this wretched station. The idea of the appellation is taken from a led horse, many of which for magnificence appear in the retinues of great personages on solemn occasions, such as processions, C 41 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue CAPTAIN COPPERTHORNE'S CREW.

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